Friday, December 6, 2019

Zara Brand Reinforcement - Brand Management and Effects Free Sample

Question: Discuss about theBrand Management for Zara Brand Reinforcement. Answer: Zara Brand Reinforcement Zara has performed incredibly well in supplying the market with updated and quality fashion products. Their desire to satisfy their customers is apparent based on their quality services. However, the current market is very competitive, and the company needs to engage in brand reinforcement to maintain the brand equity. The objective of this process is to keep the brand alive and active among new and existing customers. Zara can achieve this goal over the next twelve months if they can consider the following recommendations. The company should engage in active marketing campaign across different platforms such as print media and social media. This will be helpful because people consume information in varying ways. In this campaigns they should ensure that they remind their customers on the various products which exist under the Zara brand. This is crucial in creating more brand awareness as both the existing and potential customer will be able to know more about the brand. In this cam paigns, Zara should focus on social media advertising. This is because, social media will provide the company with an opportunity to interact with their customers. Additionally, social media presents the best source of potential customers to the Zara brand. This is because the social media is dominated by young people who are very passionate about fashion products. Therefore, advertising is a very strong tool which does not only aid in improving sales but also in building the brand through triggering emotional connections with the customers (Bruce, peters, Naik, 2012). Zara can also reinforce its brand through supporting events and entering into sponsorship deals. This involves partnering with activities such as sports, political rallies or even various award functions. According to Kazmi (2007), event marketing and sponsorship has become very common among market players in reinforcing their brands. Therefore, I recommend that Zara follows the same steps. For them, it will be easier to achieve this quest because they deal with fashion products. In such event, the brand can print caps, T-shirts, or even jackets containing their brand name. This will make more people conversant with the brand and its associated products. This is the most powerful way of making the brand known globally since most of the sports fans are fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, most games are aired globally. Hence many people will be enlightened on the brand. Conclusively, there are various ways that Zara can reinforce its brand. However, I strongly recommend that they employ the approaches addressed in this discussion because it will make them to effectively and efficiently assist them in creating brand awareness and conveying their brand image both to the new and existing customers. References Bruce, N., Peters, K., Naik, P. (2012). Discovering How Advertising Grows Sales and Builds Brands. Journal of Marketing Research, 793-806. Kazmi, S. (2007). Marketing Management: Text and Cases. New Delhi: Excel Books India.

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