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Cultural Appropriation And Multiculturalism - 960 Words

Gabriela Raya | Sociology 135 | December 4, 2015 Cultural appropriation and multiculturalism are seen as opposites that can either be seen separately or together, as in one example portraying both. Cultural appropriation is a dominant group participating or expressing in a minority groups’ aspect of their culture. Prior to the dominant group’s partaking in this, the aspect of the culture would have to be frowned upon or have been socially unaccepted. The main part that makes something cultural appropriation is that once the dominant group took part in this, then the certain aspect of the minority group was praised and people changed their view on it from a positive outlook to a negative one. Cultural appropriation is considered as mocking by some while others simply are confused on how an element of a culture is socially accepted if the dominant group of society wears it. For example, certain Disney characters are seen as appropriating a culture because they only represent the nicer elements of the culture. Multicultu ralism, on the other hand, is the essentially a similar thing but it produces different outcomes and it is done for different intentions. An element of a group’s culture spreads outside of the only the people of that culture and is often practices/expressed, praised, celebrated, or simply acknowledged in a positive manner. Multiculturalism, in its very obvious definition, also means valuing everyone – every culture and person. For example, Disney movies haveShow MoreRelatedThe Tropic Of Orange By Karen Tei Yamashita1530 Words   |  7 PagesRunning Through the Six: Multiculturalism + Diversity in The Tropic of Orange Without a doubt, the cast assembled in Karen Tei Yamashita’s novel The Tropic of Orange is one of the most diverse in any novel I have ever read for a class. Unlike the typical fair of the â€Å"mostly white with a couple brown people sprinkled in† casts I normally see, Yamashita really takes it to the next level incorporating characters from almost all walks of life and several that boast many different nationalities. ItRead More The Complex Relationship Between Multiculturalism and Feminism837 Words   |  4 PagesThe Complex Relationship Between Multiculturalism and Feminism These days, it seems that multiculturalism is generally an assumed good. Increased acknowledgement of diversity and cultural sensitivity seem to be steps toward leveling the playing field for all human beings. And that is the goal of much scholarship and activism, right--to secure and ensure human rights across the board? That is one of global feminism’s aims, so it would seem that multiculturalism would help, not hinder, feministRead MoreSouth Asian Culture1010 Words   |  5 PagesSouth Asian culture in American media, it alludes to the idea that white women are seen as more desirable and are more praised in society than those who do not fit that standard. Maira had noticed that many of the people who were ready to adopt these cultural elements were mainly white women, speaking to the idea of white imperialism and white supremacy. Through a testimonial from Madonna regarding her MTV appearance for her single â€Å"Frozen,† where she performed â€Å"pseudo-Bharata natyam moves with henna paintedRead MoreAmeric The Multinational Society884 Words   |  4 PagesIn his essay, â€Å"America: The Multinational Society,† Ishmael Reed gives his readers no context for his expertise in the subject of multiculturalism, though he is black and has seen first-hand his family’s culture mixed with other cultures present in the United States. His best examples of cultural blending happening, and indeed being a positive thing, is when he compares the attitude of xenophobes to those of the actual colonial-era Puritans, who were a stunningly brutal people. Reed’s examples ofRead MoreGender Essay in Art.1537 Words   |  7 PagesThe later 20th century saw the manifestation of the Post-Modernism, in which the use of appropriation and re-contextualisation was developed to test previous conventional depictions of gender in the visual arts. Artists Yasumasa Morimura, Julie Rrap, Anne Zahalka and Cindy Sherman have each employed the use of appr opriation to question the historical ideologies of gender, particularly in relation to women, and their role in art and society. They all borrowed past paintings and promoted them withRead MoreImprovements In Traditions : Camp Tahquitz1613 Words   |  7 Pageswanted to explore ways Camp Tahquitz could interweave Native American culture with the varied cultures and ethnicities that are welcomed into the camp Traditions at Camp Tahquitz Traditions at Camp Tahquitz have thrived through respectful culture appropriation and this idea of playing Indian. Through an interview with honorary tribesmen, Brad Hill, we learned that the tribesmen went to Oklahoma in 1960 to meet with Native American tribes and bring back what they learned to ensure songs, dances, outfitsRead MoreMulticulturalism and the Canadian identity Essay2320 Words   |  10 PagesMulticulturalism and the Canadian identity. Introduction What is Canada? What is a Canadian? Canada, to employ Voltaires analogy, is nothing but â€Å"a few acres of snow.†. Of course, the philosopher spoke of New France, when he made that analogy. More recently, a former Prime Minister, Joe Clark, said that the country was nothing but a â€Å"community of communities†. Both these images have helped us, in one way or another, try to interpret what could define this country. On the other hand, a CanadianRead MoreWhat Are We Doing Here?1631 Words   |  7 Pageson Algebra The field of education is of great interest to the field of anthropology, because our mechanisms, emphasis, direction, and narrative we use to educate in this country are not ubiquitous facts. Instead they are ideas abstracted from cultural values. They are ideas concerned with best intentions, and what that means to us. The rhetoric of educational discourse finds commonality in one resonant fact-- we want the best for our students. This idea may lead you to describe our governmentRead MoreThe Cultural Identity Of The African American Community1653 Words   |  7 PagesStuart Hall’s Cultural Identity and Diaspora focuses on the current issues of identity, cultural practices and cultural representations. He analyses the visual representations of Afro-Caribbean’s and challenges the notions of identity from African and European places. Hall then goes on to explain how Caribbean cinema has chosen to both, refute and embrace European influence. He presents two different fo rms of thinking about cultural identity. In the first position, Hall defines ‘cultural identity’ inRead MoreThe Rise Of Hip Hop Culture1305 Words   |  6 Pagesof hip hop. Style shifts were occurring with racial groups and hip hop was gaining international popularity. The hip hop culture was being embedded into big name brands such as Adidas and Nike. Multiculturalism shifted towards poly-culturalism (bonding and togetherness of cultures) which redeemed cultural integration (Chang, 609). Underground hip hop, a significant contributor to the rise of hip hop culture, was blooming. It brought a variation of artists into the spotlight whether they were African

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