Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ignition Systems and Electrical Theory (Aircraft Powerplants) Essay

Ignition Systems and Electrical Theory (Aircraft Powerplants) - Essay Example Several parts of the electrical theory of operation are difficult to understand. I least understood the ignition systems for gas turbine engines for the reason that the spark discharge of a turbine ignition system is superior and potent than the spark in an automobile engine (Tooley and Wyatt, 2009). A number of sparks are necessary to guarantee fast and consistent engine starts although a singular good spark will start combustion of the fuel/air combination in a turbine engines combustor. The different types of DC input turbine engine ignition exciter makes it difficult to know the required number of sparks. In addition, at times, the engine needs to be relit at some stage in an in-flight shutdown, and I found it difficult to understand exactly when the ignition systems job is complete. This part of the electric theory of operation requires mastery to ensure fluency of operations. The operation is also necessary when the next operational sequence of the aircrafts auxiliary power unit (APU) or turbine main engines starts once

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