Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Construction Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Construction Technology - Essay Example The condensation’s risk is low with the roofs that do not have ventilations. If there exist any water pipes that go through the gap, then there might be a chance that they will freeze over. This is a problem that can be dealt with by insulating the pipes. Aside from the prevention of the ice dams, we find that the cold roofing is the best for the maintenance of the ceiling insulation of the building in a good condition. If the attic space is ventilated in a proper manner and the moisture inside is eliminated, a cold roof will greatly decrease the winter humidity that is within the building. If the weather becomes warm, we find that a cold roof will be important in making the building remain cool. With a cold roof, the temperature of the roof remains the same as that of the outside air. The cold roof helps in the prevention of the formation of the ice dams. These ice dams can always be a constant problem with the warm roofs. The formation of the ice dams is as a result of the m elting of the snow on the roof and consequent freezing on the overhang (Lstiburek, and Carmody, 2004). ... There is horizontal placing of insulation between the floor’s ceiling below and the attic joists. Any breaks or even spaces in the ceiling are sealed completely for the purposes of keeping the moist air out from the building. Then there is also the fitting of the roof rafters with an underlay of bitumen roof that air and moisture cannot get through. Ventilation is put in the gap between the insulation and the pitched rafters. The warm air that is inside moves up and escapes via the ventilations and the gag inside is filled up with the cold air outside. As a result, then temperature that is between the inside and the outside becomes equal, and there is some danger of condensation in these kinds of cold roofs. Interstitial is a major problem that occurs in the cold deck roofs in which the insulation is put between the joists that are found in the space above the ceiling. The insulation’s position implies that the roof deck together with a bigger part of its structure do n ot have adequate protection from the low temperatures that occur during the periods of winter (Lstiburek, and Carmody, 2004). These features than become quite older as compared to the building’s interior, and the air that has penetrated into the room below then condenses on the structure of the timber probable resulting to decay. When doing new work, the cold deck roofs are not the best and have in fact been banned in some countries such as Scotland. Q e. Suitable floor construction Simple spread footings The initial 900 to 1,200 clay layer can easily be moved as a result of shrinkage and expansion, and this depends on the amount of moisture available. Therefore, it is generally essential for the foundations to be

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